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Local Customer Testimonials in the Four Corners Area

Call Us Now: 1-863-581-9591
John and June Keat

Honest, reliable, and dependable. These words describe what you can expect when you place your needs in the hands of this firm where "customer satisfaction" is more than a catchphrase.

Ingrid and Ray Nazario

Kalafian's A/C Repair provides top quality service.  The first day Mark came to my service my A/C he made me feel comfortable and reassured that he was going to service my A/C and leave it running like new, he did.  That was all it took for him to become my one and only A/C repair man.  That was many years ago and many quality services have come and gone.  When it came time to replace my A/C unit Kalafian's A/C repair was the one and only number I called.  You can't replace professional quality work with a hint of friendship.

Call Us Now: 1-863-581-9591
Nancy and John Reever

Kalafian's Air Conditioning Service Excels.  We have five homes that we look after, plus our personal residence.  We are proud and honored to say that we use Kalafian's Air Conditioning Service for all our air conditioning needs and pool heating systems.  Mark is always responsive and will usually respond to any emergency that may occur within twenty four hours of being notified.  This is very important to us as two of the homes we look after are respites used by terminal cancer patients transported to Florida for a week of rest and relaxation.  His prices are quiet acceptable and the knowledge that warranties will be honored enhances his reputation for honesty and hard work.  We recommend Kalafian's Air Conditioning to anyone needing repairs or a new air conditioning system.

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