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Davenport, FL

Four Corners


Disney Area

NE Polk County


Haines City, FL


Celebration, FL


Lake Hamilton, FL

Clermont, FL

Kissimmee, FL

Champions Gate, FL

Reunion Resort


Loughman, FL


Lake Alfred, FL


Dundee, FL

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AC Maintenance & Repairs

  • Honest & Reliable Solutions

  • Professional Certified Technicians

  • We Service All Major Brands

  • We Provide Complete Maintenance

  • Help Prolong The Life of Your Unit

  • Prevent Unwanted Costly Repairs

  • Improve AC Efficiency

Indoor Air Quality Solution​
  • Air Purification Systems for Relief of Allergens

  • Whole House Defence against Pollutants

  • UV Protection against Mold and Mildew



We Offer The Most Competitive Prices On New Air Conditioner Units In The Four Corners and Davenport Area.

  • Certified Bryant Dealer

  • All makes and Models 

  • We Offer Solutions For Every Need

  • Best Prices On Parts Install

  • A/C Units for Residental or Commercial

Kalafians's Annual A/C Maintenance Plans Include:


Keep your home air conditioner running effecient to maximize the life of your heating and cooling unit.


1. Wash air cooled condenser coil and remove debris.

2. Check condenser fan motor operation.

3. Check fan propellers for cracks and slippage.

4. Check all electrical terminations and connections for proper torque/tightness and amperage draw.

5. Check compressor mountings and tighten if necessary.

6. Check compressor amperage draw.

7. Check refrigerant piping for any signs of refrigerant leaks, mounting bracket security, and any evidence of chaffing.

8.  Wash evaporator coil and remove any debris.

9. Inspect blower motor and wheel.

10. Clean and flush condensate pan and drains (Add drop-in algaecide tabs in pans).

11. Check control circuitry for proper operation including safety devices.

12. Check contactors for evidence of pitting annd proper mechanical action.

13. Check system operating pressures and temperatures.