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Local A/C Service and Repair

With over 40 years experience we are the leader in providing quality and dependable air conditioning service, repair & installation. Trust Kalafians, a local family owned and operated company, for Davenport and Four Corners area AC Repair and Service.


Our team of HVAC technitions will evaluate your needs and provide honest feedback and solutions to fit your budget.


We look forward to helping you!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Kalafian's will help make your home air conditioning system run more effeciently with our maintenence programs.


*Clean Condenser Coils When Needed

*Inspect Compressor and Fans

*Oil Fan Motor

*Check Refrigerant Levels

*Clean Drain Lines and Pan

*Test Whole System Performance

Coupons, Specials & Deals

We strive to deliver exceptional service at the best price in town! Just mention the specials below when you speak to one of our service professionals.


*Best Prices on New A/C Systems

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Kalafians Air Conditioning and Heating Services

How is Your Indoor Air Quality?

We Offer the Best AC Repair in Davenport Florida

Professional Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Quality Air Conditioning Maintenance

We Answer All Air Conditioning and Heating System Questions

Kalafians AC Tune Up Prevents Wear and Tear on AC Unit

Kalafians Air Conditioning and Heating Will Check Thermostat Inside Home, Check Electric Heat, Inspect AC Filters, Lubricate Air Conditioner Motors, Check Disconnects and Tighten Connections, Check AC Oil Level, Check Blower Wheel, AC Belts, AC Bearings, Check AC Compressor and AC Condenser, Check Air Conditioning Temperature, AC Voltage, Check AC Refrigerant Pressures Including Suction and Liquid, Check AC Defrost Control, AC Crank Case Heater, Check All Air Conditioning Safety Controls, Check Air Conditioning Oil in Sight Glass, Clean and Flush Air Conditioner Drain Line, Check AC Cooland, Check Air Conditioner Fan and Cycling Control


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